Dec 24

Bed Bug Update…


If you missed my first post I’ll sum it up real quick for you right now; I found bed bugs.

I left you the night that I discovered them as I was borderline fetal position at my keyboard doing research on these monsters and the information I found was not very encouraging to say the least.

To sum up pretty much everything that I found, look at this company in Phoenix and check out the little info that they give about bed bugs. Yeah, pretty much every website or company that I found told me pretty much the same exact thing. It is next to impossible to get rid of bed bugs 100% without hiring some kind of outside professional service or exterminator. Apparently these things can hide literally anywhere in your house. Your bed lining, your clothes, and even your god damn alarm clock. Oh my god this is starting to freak me out all over again but I am going to remain calm and let you know how I decided to handle this right now…

Now being the logical thinker that I am, I understand that these companies would much prefer you call them and have them come out and take care of the little problem for you and charge you a crazy amount. So I gave the first company that I could find in my area and had some dude come out and check it out. Sure enough, I have bed bugs and the dude told me it was going to be $400 to do my room, and $750 to do my whole place with a 100% guarantee that they will not return.

I do not need this right now.

I Might Be An Idiot…

So I definitely do not consider myself to be a cheap or “stingy” person by any means, but I cannot fathom spending almost $1000 on something like this right now. After doing as much research as I could and really investigating every single crevice, nook, & cranny in my apartment, I decided to give this thing a shot on my own and headed straight to target to get arm myself.

First line of defense:

3 bottles of Raid Bed Bug Killer


Before applying the raid, I wrapped up my entire bed and box spring in plastic wrap and sealed it with duct tape before I took it outside and left it for the garbage man to deal with. I would have burned it if I could…

So once my bed was gone and every piece of clothing I own was wrapped up and stored away in my basement, I started applying the raid. I literally coated every inch of my carpet, over and over until all 3 bottles were gone. When I looked at the floor where I found the most bugs, I saw eggs and a few little babies on the carpet and it was absolutely horrifying.

One thing is for sure though, absolutely any living thing that was on my actual carpet is long gone and there is no way they are coming back.

What’s Next?

I feel pretty confident about my carpet situation, but as far as inside my walls and random things across my room are concerned, I really don’t know.

I ordered a gallon of Eco Raider and a huge bag of Diatomaceous Earth from amazon and they will be here tomorrow.


From what I have read, these are going to be the best chances that I have at getting rid of these things. That earth is apparently some kind of organic dirt or something that kills bed bugs when they eat it or something. Eco raider got the best and most promising reviews from what I have seen so I am planning on just absolutely dousing my entire room is both of these tomorrow and then vacuuming and repeating for the next couple of weeks.

Well, I have to get back to washing my entire wardrobe in boiling water to kill any eggs or bugs that might be in there.

Someone kill me….

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