What’s This About?

Hellooooooo Everybody!

My name is Danny and I am your pretty typical law abiding 26 year old guy. I can’t say that I have anything too special about me that stands out unfortunately and have always been the “nice guy” in my group of friends and have just kind of done what I need to my whole life to get by in this crazy world we live in. I am pretty relate-able (I hope) to a lot of you out there and can typically get along with anyone.

I went to school for psychology (waste of time and money) but continued to work as a bartender after I graduated and continue to do so today. It pays the bills and it can be fun at times so it gets me by.

So the reason I am bringing this little blog to life is that I found bed bugs very recently and was absolutely mortified. After some research online it only made me feel worse so I wanted to make my own little page with some experiences I have had with little pest invasions to try and maybe calm some of you out there who might be dealing with the same things. God knows I didn’t find much to make me feel better so I am going to see what I can do for you guys.